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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How do I Install the Stove and do I need a Chimney?
A. There are a variety of ways to install our Grain Stoves and NO you don't need a chimney! The easiest and most common way, is to use the included Direct Vent Kit and go right through the wall. You can also install in a basement or through an existing chimney. All these and other types of installations are described in the Manual you receive with the stove.

Q. How much corn will I use in a day and where do I get it?
A. This will depend on how high you set our Grain Stove. You control the heat by adjusting the feed rate of corn with the knob on the control panel. The HIGH setting will produce 60,000 BTU (enough to easily heat a 2,500 sq. ft. house. This setting would use approximately 1 bushel (56lbs) a day. The low setting would consume about half that a day. You will find a comfortable setting with experience. The Corn is available from Local Farmers and Feed Supply Dealers. All Corn Stoves require the moisture level of Corn to be less than 15%. Wheat and Rye come off the fields dry and ready to be used once cleaned. Do not use Seed Corn; it has treatments that are not to be burned.

Q. What is the Daily Maintenance on the Stove?
A. Daily maintenance requires you to fill the hopper with corn and remove enough pieces of the clinker to uncover the holes that supply the combustion air. Leave some of the glowing clinker to restart the flame and that\'s it! With practice, this takes about a minute a day. The manual describes this procedure in detail with pictures.

Q. What other Maintenance do I have to do?
A. This depends on the amount of Corn or other grains you burn. Usually a vacuuming every two weeks is sufficient to keep the stove running efficiently. It is a simple procedure that will require a vacuum and about 5 minutes of your time. Again the Manual does a good job of describing with pictures of this procedure.

Q. How do I start the Stove?
A. Starting a Grain Stove is easy! Fill the firepot half way full with Wood Pellets, apply 2 ounces of Gelled Fire Starter Fluid and light the fire pot (with care) using fireplace matches. All these items are available from your local hardware store. Once the temperature in the heat exchangers reaches a set temperature, the Feed Auger and the Circulation Fan will start. Generally you will feel heat within 2 minuets of starting the stove!

Q. What happens if the power goes out?
A. The design of our Grain Stove is such that the operating components do not draw much power, so a small Generator or even a Battery Back-up Unit will keep the stove running and providing heat when other heating devices don\'t. A minimum of 500 watts @ 110 VAC is required. Should you decide to get a Back up Power Supply; most hardware outlets sell a variety of products to do the job.

Q. Is using a Grain Stove Environmentally Responsible?
A. YES! Grain Stoves Inc. products are all CSA/ULC Safety approved. Grain Comfort is exempt from Legislation affecting emissions. They Qualify for Rebates offered by many Provincial and State Governments. Burning Grains does not produce Carbon Monoxide as wood does and the Carbon Dioxide it does produce is better than "Carbon Neutral".