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Why Choose Grain Comfort Stoves?
Thank you for your interest in the 'GRAIN COMFORT' heating stove, the environmental choice for your heating needs. Fossil fuels are not renewable, they pollute the atmosphere, create smog, contribute to global warming, and to add insult, to the injuries caused by pollution, the price for natural gas, stove and furnace oil increases each year.

Grain Comfort Stoves, burn renewable resources, wheat, rye, and corn. These resources are grown in your neighborhood, and readily available, at feed stores, your local farmers, and our grain comfort stove dealers. You will not only be helping protect our environment, saving on your heating cost, you will also be contributing to your state or provinces' agricultural community.
Rather than depending on oil producing nations, or natural gas companies, you will heat with products we can grow and replace, regardless of crop failures or success.

Our Grain Comfort Stoves are safe, clean, and environmentally friendly. They do not lower the humidity, which contributes to the comfort level in your home, like wood stoves do. When Grain Comfort Stoves are heating your home, only the front of the stove is hot. During the winter heating season, Jeff's cat lays on top of the stove quite content, while the heat exchangers, do their job, and heat his home.

To ensure your safety, and the reliability of Grain Comfort Stoves, we submitted our Grain Comfort Stove to Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a product safety lab. ULC has approved Grain Stoves Inc., manufacturers of Grain Comfort Stoves and issued the certification, which permits us to display the following seals of approval and safety. UL, ULC, C.S.A.

We hold twenty-seven patents on the Grain Comfort Stove in Canada and the United States. We continue through quality control and research, to search for ways we can improve our product. We hope in very near future to offer a boiler system, which will compliment our Grain Comfort Stove, and offer you big savings on your electrical bill, by producing hot water cheaply and efficiently.

The Gulutzen Family